Invite Your Family and Friends

Use these pre-written messages to invite your friends to church this Easter

The combination of Easter and our current pandemic has given us a very unique opportunity, because of crisis, to have a conversation with people we might not have had yet. There are a lot of people that would never step foot in a church building, and that you would possibly never invite, but because of the crisis, we now have an invitation to have a conversation. We’re intentionally building Easter Weekend around the unsaved as we faithfully give them the Good News of Jesus and we're inviting the church to be Messengers this Easter.


These are the days to invite your family and friends. Would you be willing to prayerfully identify 3-5 people you’ve maybe invited before that haven’t come, or have never invited, and would you be willing to send a text (SMS)?

SMS Pre-written Script

Use the following script to reach out to people/friends that you haven't connected with in a while.

Hey [insert name]! It's been a while, but what a crazy time this last year has been! I'll be honest, I'm not sure how you’ve been doing or what you might be dealing with - there's been so much fear, anxiety, depression, etc. - whatever the case, I believe this conversation is going to help and here’s a link that will take you to it [insert relevant link]

For those you know fairly well, feel free to send them a text and invite them to any of our services, whether online or in-person. You can say something like this:

Hey [insert name]! How crazy has this last year been!?! With all the fear, chaos, and uncertainty, I thought you could use a dose of hope and good news... I believe this conversation is going to help and here’s a link that will take you to it: [insert relevant link]

NOTE: If you want to send this invite after the service has ended, you can always send them the specific YouTube link so they can watch the service any time on-demand.