Connect Groups

Because no one should do life alone!

Connect Groups

As we continue to grow, we must find ways to connect. We must fight for church to be more than just a Sunday experience. This is why Connect Groups are so important. Connect Groups facilitate conversations, discipleship, and life experiences in a deeper way that we don’t get to experience on a Sunday.


A Connect Group is a small group of people who are doing life together. Life was never mean’t to be done alone. It is a safe place to connect with others and discuss God and life. Our conviction is that we need to journey with others in every season of life and Connect Groups will help us ensure that is happening.


We have three semesters every year

A healthy rhythm is essential to the overall health and longevity of a person. Here at Weston, ‘we want more for you, then from you’, that is why we operate in semesters. Connect Groups start and stop three times a year in a cycle we refer to as “semesters.” Our Connect Group semesters are:

SEMESTER 1: January - March 

SEMESTER 2: May - July

SEMESTER 3: September - November

Join A Connect Group Today

Connect Groups will resume the week of September 20th, 2021. Scroll down and register for a Connect Group today. Don't do life alone as we are 'Better Together'.


Have you ever wondered why some people keep growing in their faith, yet others seem to stay stuck or go backwards? It all comes down to foundations. Whether you are just starting or you need to go back and fix some cracks, it's time to expedite your spiritual growth by building the right way.

Audience: CO- ED

Start Date: September 23rd, 2021

Meets weekly (Online): Thursday's at 8:00PM

Leader: Marsha M

Duration: 8 Weeks

Material: Download the Messenger X app (by John & Lisa Bevere) 

The Bible says that we have all been given gifts by God—but few Christians actually know what their gifts are or how to develop them. Through biblical principles and personal experience, John Bevere reveals how you can discover and develop your God-given gifts so that you can realize your potential.

Audience: CO- ED

Start Date: September 23rd, 2021

Meets weekly (Online): Thursday's at 7:30PM

Leader: Karen M

Duration: 8 Weeks

Material: Download the Messenger X (by John & Lisa Bevere) app on your phone.

Intercessory Prayer

The need to pray and intercede has never been greater. This Connect Group will teach you what is the meaning of intercession and why intercessory prayer is necessary for the church.

Audience: CO-ED

Start Date: September 24th, 2021

Meets Bi-weekly (Online): Friday's at 7PM

Leaders: Ola & Theresa A.


Far too many Christians live small lives, hiding from their God-given potential because of fear and uncertainty. In the Multiply course by John Bevere, you'll learn how to break past your limitations and step into a life of increase so you can make a bigger impact for God's kingdom.

Audience: Men (Ages 18+)

Start Date: Oct. 5th, 2021

Meets Bi-weekly (Online): Tuesday's at 7:30PM

Leader: Emmanuel G

Duration: 6 Weeks

Material: Download the Messenger X (by John & Lisa Bevere) app on your phone.

Work As Worship

Why do we work? What is the purpose?

The world tells us that work is just a means to more comfort…more stuff…more me. TV shows and even our misdirected language in the church have hijacked our view of work and belittled it to mundane and meaningless.

But what if there's more? What if we are divinely placed wherever we are? What if it's about what we can give, not just what we get?

Audience: Men (Ages 18+)

Start Date: Oct. 12th, 2021

Meets Bi-weekly (Online): Tuesday's at 7:30PM

Leader: Wycliff V

Duration: 5 Weeks