Register for in-person services


In-Person Sunday Services - 9:30AM + 11:15AM

UPDATE: MARCH 25, 2021 - New restrictions allow for churches to be open at 15% capacity and we are happy to offer 2 service times: 9:30AM and 11:15AM.

  • These new restrictions at 15% capacity allow for a max of 64 and includes those who are on staff (families) and those who are on the Dream Team.
  • You will note that there are only 50 spots available. This number takes into account our Dream Team and staff.
  • Everyone planning to come will need to register in advance.
  • We cannot accept walk-ins and once we reach capacity we cannot have anyone else entering the building.
  • Masks are still mandatory as per the city of Toronto's by-law, and we kindly ask you ensure your mask covers your nose, mouth, and chin. You are asked to not remove your mask. There are certain exemptions.

With that being said, I want to highlight the fact that we have many other options available for you:

You can join us Live at 9:30AM on YouTube, Facebook or Church Online, or you can also Dial in for the service: 1 (888) 494 - 3558

DREAM TEAM: If you are scheduled to serve this Sunday, please do not register here. You will be scheduled through Elvanto

***Check-in time is 30 mins prior to each service. If you have not checked-in within 10 minutes after the service start time we will consider your spot "available" and we may assign it to someone else.




  • There will be no children’s ministry (Weston Kids) available. All children will need to stay with their parents.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to service to ensure that the Check-in and Seating process runs smoothly.
  • Once our max. capacity is reached, no one else will be permitted in the building as per Government regulations.
  • As per the city of Toronto's new by-law, masks are mandatory and we kindly ask you to bring your own. Ensure the mask covers your nose, mouth, and chin and you must not remove your mask. There are certain exemptions.
  • You are expected to practice physical distancing at all times and our team will be on hand to assist you.
  • Once the service is over, please remain in your assigned seat until directed by an usher to exit. Once directed, please exit immediately through the assigned exit doors.
  • By attending, you assume responsibility for any illness that you may get. You must adhere to all the protocols that have been advised by the government of Ontario and city of Toronto, and take all precautions necessary to protect yourself and your family.


As per the Province's directives, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms, or have travelled outside of Canada, please DO NOT attend the service. You should self-isolate immediately and call your doctor. You can join the service online.


Should I return to church?

We encourage you to self assess, follow all public health and provincial government directives to discern if returning at this time is safe for you. When in doubt, please consider contacting a medical professional.

If I can’t return to church at this time, what are my options?

We encourage you to continue attending church online - Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Church Online - on Sunday mornings at 9:30AM.

If I can’t return to church at this time, how do I stay connected?

Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for all the latest content.

Should I bring my children to church? Will you offer children’s ministry?

Although we are not offering Weston Kids ministry at this time, please note that Children are welcome to attend. However, please note that we are encouraging a gradual return to church and are taking a more cautionary approach. If schools are not open, we would like to refrain from taking further risks and ask you to consider keeping children at home.


Why are you implementing all of these rules?

We are taking as much care as possible to keep everyone safe. We must all do our part to follow the directives implemented by the provincial government to maintain safe protocols. It is our goal that we follow the highest standards to ensure everyone stays safe.

Who is putting together all of these rules?

In the interest of transparency, we formed a taskforce who has been working on monitoring all provincial and public health directives. They have been working together to draft and implement a plan that follows these directives. They shared their ideas with the board and worked as a team to put together a plan. They will continue to monitor and work as a team to implement any changes as new information is available. Their goal is that everyone is safe as the church reopens.

When will our church return to the way things were?

At this point in time, we do not have the answer to that. We continue to review all provincial directives, public health advisories and ask God for direction and protection. While we are encouraged by the recent updates, we need to maintain all possible safety precautions to keep everyone safe.